„…strengthening of rural areas through individual, decentralised bioeconomy approaches…“

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From industrial bioeconomy…

Bioeconomy encompasses all economic sectors along the value chains of biomass. This includes the production and processing of biological resources as well as further refining, trade and use of the products. Based on natural material flows, a sustainable circular economy has to be created that uses renewable raw materials as well as biogenic residual and waste materials instead of fossil resources. However, the debate on bioeconomy so far has focused primarily on industrial processes

…to rural bioeconomy.

The term “rural bioeconomy” refers to the further development of a bioeconomy, in which the rural area does not only serve as a supplier of raw materials for industrial processes, but also increasingly promotes the implementation of decentralised bioeconomy approaches. The aim is to implement a large part of the value creation stages and steps within the region, so that rural areas benefit from the positive effects of a growing bioeconomy in terms of value and employment creation.

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