The rural bioeconomy offers various opportunities for…


  • new opportunities through cooperation
  • image improvement through sustainable, regional production methods
  • development of new markets
  • income diversification
  • risk diversification
  • not “grow or turnout”, but “specialize and refine”.
  • preservation of small and medium-sized farms


  • expansion of the product range
  • development of new, biobased products of regional origin
  • reliable raw material base through cooperation with regional agriculture
  • consistent quality through participation of raw material suppliers in the value chain
  • regional identification through responsible business practices
  • positive image through new employment opportunities

…rural area

  • as many production steps as possible (cultivation, processing and marketing) take place in rural areas.
  • farms and enterprises create new employment opportunities for the rural population
  • business profits and tax revenues remain in rural areas
  • new investment models offer regional returns
  • economic and ecological strengthening of the region
  • promotion of other social objectives (e.g. biodiversity and drinking water protection)
  • new development opportunities for rural areas
  • rural areas receive adequate importance and an improved quality of life
  • future task for politics, businesses, science and the civil society
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